Email us your drawings / plans or pop in to see us

Only for low corrosion environments. Not suitable for coastal areas

As a rough guide:


Fabrication only jobs usually take 2-3 weeks.

With coatings like galvanising or powdercoating these process can take around 6 weeks depending on the supplier workload.

A full service project with install can take around 8 weeks or more depending on complexity


We are constantly working on improving our turnaround speed by bringing more processes in-house


Not usually as travel costs add up however we can do if the value is there

Every job is priced individually based on the scope and specifics of the project.


We provide fixed quotes for the work specified.

If you’d like a quote or estimate please email us with your job details.


With the majority of our projects and styles being based around solid and heavy materials, the raw material and handling costs is significant when compared to lightweight or “click together” aluminium kit type fabrications available elsewhere.

Combine that with the labour intensive nature of decorative metal work, it is worth noting that we are not considered a budget option

Yes, we can utilise modern CAD software in-house and can draw nearly any custom design. Including sheet metal features and spirals stairs.

This is a necessity in modern times for the best accuracy and communication of detail within our workshop and to other trades.

In some cases we can fix non structural cast iron furniture

No warranty is given to cast iron repairs

Email a photo of the job to show us, we will give you an estimate if we have the time


If your project is extremely rusted we will not repair

No, all fabrication work is done in our Cardiff workshop or in cooperation with local suppliers

NewyFab was previously known as Gateshead Wrought iron. We rebranded in 2023


Wrought Iron is still a regular service for us